RezCom Systems is the exclusive worldwide Commercial Speaker Distributor for Sound-Lab Inc.
Dr. Roger West had been the world’s leader in audiophile systems for more than 30 years.

RezCom Systems LLC approached Dr. West to bring his exclusive technology to a commercial standard and beyond. With the introduction of SoundLab’s PX Technology© in 2006 the potential for a Commercial Electrostatic Speaker became available. July 2008 saw the launch at South Point Casino/Hotel, Las Vegas, which changed the quality now available in the commercial audio world. RezCom Systems and Sound-Lab Inc. have been focused and passionate on this radical change in sound delivery, which has been needed for decades.

RezCom Systems has created a technology system beyond what was ever perceived in a Sound Delivery System. Our unique application of the principles of the science of psycho-acoustics has changed how we can hear the defined natural sound of the spoken word and fine music. You have never heard such crisp, clear sound. It is as if you were in the studio when the artist recorded the sound tracks.

Even in the worst acoustical environment like a rotunda, stadium or arena, the chance of someone not hearing clearly is significantly reduced, if not removed entirely. Clarity and precision audio has always been a problem and to tell you that this has been overcome is a little hard to believe. Well believe it! We have approached the acoustical problem from the reverse angle. The system is designed from the ear to the speaker and not in what was known as the conventional manner from the speaker to the ear.

Simplistically, we have taken audio delivery beyond anything that has been previously marketed or developed. Conference Centers, Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums, Halls, Churches and Event Centers can have the distinct accolade of sounding far better and above expectation. Also, equal sound for the listening public. No more radical loud sound at the front of the auditorium so it can be driven to the back of the hall. This is a milestone change in audience perception of quality and concise ability to deliver sound as it should be without being reinforced.

Even the hearing impaired can now hear what they have been missing! Loudness is not the answer at a concert. The louder music is played the more distortion and reflection occurs. This muddies the sound to the listening ear. This is why the majority of the audience leave with a headache and feel they have been beaten up when they should have been enjoying the evening. Dynamic sound systems rely on pushing as much air as possible to enable a large crowd to hear at least something. Our Commercial Sound-Lab Speakers hardly push any air in the normal physics formula. Our bass certainly is sending a limited amount of air, but our highs and mids are gently bathing the ear follicles. It is an audio cocoon that allows the human ear to hear distinctly, clearly and with concise precision. The enjoyment level is beyond what any audience expects and once introduced, they will never want to listen to anything else.

Does this mean the end of traditional speakers?
It is for you to decide, as we are a little biased!

Measurements of the Commercial Sound-Lab Speakers are significantly different. The sound travels in a defined pattern. It does not hit the ceiling or the floor, allowing a laser beam of sound that is heard perfectly to the human ear. The same at the front as it is at the back. Each seat is being delivered by the same and equal sound to the human ear. Clarity is as near perfection as can be achieved without being on stage with the artist themselves. Steinway’s sound is the same in the audience as if you were on the stool with the pianist. Violins are right in front of you. Movies don’t just jump into your vision, your ears add sounds that you have been missing. You are hearing what recording artists and directors intended you to hear.