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SoundLab DynaStat PX Technology Speakers with SpeakOn Connectors

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RezCom is an Authorized SoundLab Speaker Dealer and we are selling our personal pair of Dynastat PX Technology speakers. We are the original owners and are making room for new inventory. The DynaStat speakers function without any issues and are priced to sell "as is" at our location near Salt Lake City Utah.

We also have a 2nd pair of DynaStats (photo not shown) in our warehouse that has a problem with one of the Subwoofers. We will have SoundLab repair the sub before it is shipped. This 2nd pair also has PX technology.

Since we are located near the Sound Lab manufacturing facility, we can have the speakers professionally boxed and shipped directly from SoundLab.

Contact us with your location and we can have SoundLab approximate shipping costs.

Note: This pair was designed by SoundLab for commercial use and each speaker has a 4-Conductor SpeakOn connector.

We could not find the original Dynastat Specs, howeer, the SoundLab Dynasty Speakers are close:

Dynasty Specifications:

Frequency response: 27 Hz to 20 kHz

Audio power (watts): (Min/max) 50/500 (music power)

Horizontal Dispersion: 90 degrees

Vertical Dispersion: Panel Height

Impedance (nominal): 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 94 dB/1W/1m

Controls: Brilliance 3dB steps rotary switch

Woofer diameter: 10″

Height x Width x Depth: 72.5″ x 18.25″ x 3″ (base:19″)

Weight: (per speaker) 95 pounds
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